Upcoming Project

Doric Happy Homes

Project starting from 2023 and completed on 2026.
[ Guptopara Rangpur ]

  • Project will be planned and designed by professional architect and structural design engineers.
  • Structural design parameters will be based on American concrete institute ACI and American standards of testing materials ASTM and BNBC codes.
  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition bearing capacity will be analyzed by a reputed organization and reputed laboratory.
  • Building will comprise of reinforced cement concrete R.C.C foundation, column, beam and slab considering earthquake and wind effect with modern design concept as per BNBC code of practices applicable for Dhaka Bangladesh. Stone chips shall be soused in R.C.C for footing columns and grade beams.
  • Comprehensive checking and testing of all steel reinforcement and R.C.C will be conducted by professional supervising engineers and at reputed laboratory
  • All structural materials including steel [60 grade deformed steel bar-(12 mm – 25mm)] manufactured by Anwar/elite/ Rahim/ eastern in column, grade beam, and in footing and 40 grade in slab and in ring. cement cement (Cemex, Scan, Holcim, King Brand, MIR, Lafarge, Seven Circle etc. solid bricks (1st class) shall be manufactured by reputed manufacturers brick chips, stone chips, sylhet sand etc. will be of highest available quality.
  • Concrete works attaining a crushing strength of minm.2500 psi to 3000 psi CYl. Test at 28 days will be used depending on design and concrete mix ratio, water and cement ratio.
  • Full foundation, column, and column base, grade beam will be casted by stone chips. And M.S 60 grade deform bar will be used in column.
  • Slab along with roof beam will be casted by stone chips.
  • 40 grade rod and singles (small stone) will be used in pilling. If pilling in required.


  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction will be conducted by experienced engineers to ensure highest quality of workmanship.
  • One or more diploma engineer will be engaged for full time supervision. One or more-degree engineers will be deployed for top supervision.


  • Solid decorative imported main entrance door with impressive main door lock, check viewer, calling bell switch, decorative apartment no. etc. imported good quality internal door lock will be used in internal door.
  • Veneered flush door shutters (as per company standard) with French polish in internal rooms and verandah locations. (PARTEX)
    Internal door frame will be teak
  • Chambal; mahogany main door frame will be teak Chambal, mahogany, equivalent.
  • Best quality toilet doors (UNITED PVC DOOR, RFL) of durable PVC with matching color for toilets, bathrooms.
  • Toilet door frame will be PVC RFL, equivalent.
  • All verandah doors will be solid gamari wood with enamel painted.


External and internal walls of 5” thick 1st class bricks. Internal wall surfaces of smooth finished plaster.


  • 4” section (minm: 1.2 mm thick aluminum sliding windows, 5 mm thick white (clear) glass with mohair lining and rainwater barrier in aluminum section as per architectural design of the building. internal aluminum sliding will be 3” section.
  • Safety grills (SQUARE BAR) in all windows with matching enamel paint.


  • Homogenous tiles in floor and skirting (4” height) of all rooms and verandahs as per company standard. (Size: 16”x 16”) RAK, CBC, SUN-
    Plastic paint in all internal walls and in ceiling of soft color. (Elite, Aqual,
  • Rak, Equivalent).
    French polish in doorframe and shutter.


Exterior walls of Durocem, Weather proof paint (elite).



Guptopara Rangpur Sadar Rangpur

Land Size


Property Orientation
Road Width

30 ft.

Number of Apartments


Architectural Consultant

Doric Developers Ltd.

City Corporation Approval.


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